Georgian Showcase announces its 15th year !


Dear Colleagues,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We hope you all will have a very good start of 2023 !
With this letter on New Year Eve we  remind you about the Festival  and Georgian ShowCase. This is a very first invitation to attend  the Georgian Theatre Program, which is held annually during 5 days by late September/start of October.
The exact dates will be announced very soon and you will receive the update with information by next mail!


The Georgian Showcase invites international delegates:

Festival and Theatre Directors and curators

Theatre makers, professionals

Theatre Critics and journalists


The Georgian Showcase is one of the biggest platform for Georgian theatre. We present   latest productions from of theater season to the international guests, such as producers, buyers, critics and journalists.   To a number of Georgian companies and artists it is the opportunity to build new relationships, create co-productions, tour and exchange artists; while for international guests it is a discovery of new possibilities for their programming and future plans. But not only -  the GEORGIAN SHOWCASE became one of the most important network in the theatre culture for international exchange.


During 14 years, Georgian Showcase hosted 700 International Guests from every continent, from more than 30 countries with 385 performances in total.
From the very first year of Showcase, Georgian Theatre emerged to be a subject of interest to International Guests: invitations to different Festivals and co-productions with various companies emerged.


Georgian Showcase provide following conditions for International guests:

Accommodation during the stay in Tbilisi

In-country travel

Access to all performances of Georgian Showcase

Assistance of the Festival volunteers throughout the Showcase dates


We hope, you are interested and we will host you in Tbilisi.  Please mark the period in your calendar  and fill out the early registration form following this mail.  Otherwise you can  send us just the note by mail.


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