The program of Georgian performances, "The Georgian Showcase", was launched in 2009 with the Tbilisi International Theatre Festival and, from then on, was its significant part. The program of Georgian performances is announced annually and aims at the popularization of modern Georgian theatre.

Each year, the new performances of the Georgian theatre present at the festival, in which directors, critics, journalists, curators, theatre directors from Europe, Asia and America participate. In the 14 years following the creation of the festival, the number of international guests exceeded 800. We showcased around 400 Georgian performances from Tbilisi and various Georgian regions.

The Georgian Showcase has established itself on an international map; As a result, Georgian theatre  directors are invited by the world creative centres to stage performances, and the touring list of Georgian performances is growing year by year, including almost all continents; Co-production, exchange projects are being created;

In the course of the years, much has been written about the Georgian theatre in the international press. The program "The Georgian Showcase" is very important for Georgian audiences and critics, as together they contribute to the cohesive and holistic perception of the festival season.

The program is designed for 4-5 days, with a rather tight calendar, and each year we receive more than 60 guests. In addition to shows, some morning meetings are organized, where theaters and companies present their shows, participants get to know each other, discussions take place and new opportunities are discussed.

What are the main directions and trends in the Georgian theatre today? Why is the program of Georgian performances attractive and important? Well, perhaps, because of getting familiar to a variety of dramatic works: Georgian and foreign contemporary works; Performances created in various forms of modern theatre: Synthetic theatre; The actor/puppet mixed performances; The finger theatre; Physical Theatre; Theatre of movement and neoclassical ballet forms; Children's puppet theatre; Documentary verbatim;  These are performances distinguished by the highest acting professionalism;  The original or revised versions of classical dramatists and/or contemporary playwrights,

The program of Georgian, i.e. local performances was almost unique during the formation of our festival, but now many countries have such programs – The Showcase is a wonderful opportunity to present the Georgian theatre to the audience, as well as to enhance the future project planning for the world theatre professionals and the brand-new discoveries.

It also turned out that Tbilisi festival and its program of Georgian performances, has become an inspiration for the creation of a new informal network of theatre professionals - here people gather, get to know each other and start new relationships. The showcase has also become the center for new ideas.

The cultural map of the world is ever-changing, and we need to be an integral and essential part of this process.  


“…The festival gives promise of developing into a major event in

the European festival calendar.”

Jan Herbert | International Association of Theatre Critics

Georgian Showcase not only presents Georgian theatre to our festival guests from all over the world, but also brings our country into the world through theatre and culture. Interest in Georgia is increasing and, for the most part, our guests' interest in our country is becoming increasingly diversified.

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