Oedipus Tirannus

  • Director: David Doiashvili
  • Theatre:Tbilisi Vaso Abashidze State Professional “New Theatre”
  • Hosting Theatre:Tbilisi Vaso Abashidze State Professional “New Theatre”
  • Date:
    • 29 September - 19:00 hr,
    • 30 September - 20:00 hr,


Oedipus Tirannus
Director - David Doiashvili
Scenography by - Anna Ninua
Costumes Designer -Anano Mosidze
Choreographer - Kote Purtseladze
Composer / musical adaptation  - Aleksandre Kozmanashvili
Assistant to the director - Nino Chavchavadze


Oedipus - Kakha Kintsurashvili
Jocasta - Nino Kasradze
Tiresias - Marina Jokhadze
Creon - David Beshitaishvili
A Messenger from Corinth - Tato Chakhunashvili
A Shepherd - Archil Sologhashvili
Antigone - Daro  Doiashvili

Chorus:  Nata Berezhiani; Ana kurtubadze; Gigi Karseladze; Giorgi Toriashvili; Levan kakheli


About Performance: 

If we realize, that we are killing fathers and marryng our own mothers without prophecy we will realize its not just mythical, 
,,Oedipus Tirannus” by Sophocles !
It will not be just tragic 
but the inevitable fate of our daily lives. 
The only way we might change fate is to realize 
that we have kids that one day will…! might…!


Date of the premiere - October 7, 2021
Duration / Intermissions - 140 min, without intermission
The tour group: 25 persons

Tbilisi Vaso Abashidze Music and Drama State Theatre was founded in 1926, and for many decades its repertoire consisted of only musical comedies. It was home to numerous famous Georgian directors, actors, composers, playwrights, artists and choreographers, and played an integral part in the development of Georgia’s theatre and musical culture.

In 2004 one of the best directors of the modern generation, David Doiashvili, was appointed as head of the theatre, and he can be credited with all the fundamental reforms that have taken place. The theatre’s repertoire has expanded significantly since its initial inception, and now consists of an experimental fusion of genres, including drama, musical comedy, musical drama, choreography and literary performances.

The theatre’s main focus is on the quality of dramaturgy and talented young directors. It also provides a platform to showcase the creative work of David Doiashvili and his desire to explore the language of art by changing forms, making use of mixed methods, and helping actors perform artistically. This is what preserves the theatre’s position as a leader and makes it stand above the rest.

As one of the most innovative and successful theatres in Georgia, it has received numerous prestigious awards and prizes, and continues to gain momentum not only in popularity but also in international recognition and prestige.

New and very important stage started for our theatre in the year of 2021.

Music and drama state theatre has moved to the new building and started to function with a new brand name   "New Theatre".  Georgian theatre world has been given a fascinating and exiting space, which meets up with European standards.

Contact information: 

Artistic Director – David Doiashvili
Manager - Anna Javakhishvili (Social Media Manager)
Tel +995 599730607
E-mail: newtheatrege@gmail.com   


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