• Director: Alexsandre Eloshvili
  • Theatre:Zestafoni Professional State Drama Theater after Ushangi Chkheidze
  • Hosting Theatre:Kote Marjanishvili State Professional Drama Theater (Big Stage)
  • Date:
    • 28 September - 20:00 hr,

Avqsenti Tsagareli

Director - Alexsandre Eloshvili

Scenography by Alexsandre Eloshvili

Costumes Designer - Natia Beradze

Choreographer - Khvicha Kharazishvili

Composer / musical adaptation  - Nikoloz Rachveli

Assistant to the director - Mari Abesadze



Vano - Temur Kiknavelidze

Khanuma - Nino Abesadze

Qabato - Nana Isiani

Tekle - Niniko Abesadze

Timote - Temur Qvelishvili

policeman - Zurab Abesadze

Akofa - Giorgi Gloveli

Makar - Badri Tabatadze

Sara - Marekh Abesadze

Qeto - Barbare Sujashvili

Kote - Giorgi Chachua

Dancers : Choreographic ensemble "Zestafoni" at the cultural and creative center of Zestafoni municipality


About Performance:

The action in the play "Khanuma" takes place more than a century ago in Georgia, when families were created by greed and material interest, although love still had its say in the end... The play mainly revolves around two families. A young couple, Keto and Kote, love each other, but they promise to marry Keto to the Georgian prince Vano Fantiashvili.

The young people turn to the famous matchmaker Khanuma for help, who skillfully solves the case and gets Keto and Kote married. The story clearly shows the vicious features of the Georgian society at that time, which are revealed in their conversation and behavior. The end of the play is really emotional and positive - love wins. The play is very interesting and fun, the musical compositions used in it make it even better to watch.


Date of the premiere:20/06/2022

Duration / Intermissions Duration - 120 mins, with one intermission


Zestafoni is the most important town in west part of Georgia both economical and cultural meaninig.

The big interest in performances comes from 1875 year. Zestafoni State Theatre was founded in 1939.

In 1941 year during the second world war the most actors of the Theatre were taken to the front and made problem to the theatrical group in working. In 1949 year Theatre was closed. 

In May 1962 was opened the today’s building of Zestafoni Theatre. 

In May 1964 year the public Theatre of Zestafoni was titled the name of Ushangi Chkheidze People’s Artist of the Georgian SSR (1935).

In 1990 year the Zestafoni public Theatre  was renewal as the State Theatre.

The State Theatre showed his creative power at the international festival what was hold inside the country. It was very interesting creative way, among them is the successfully participate in the international festivals in Mexico and Sweden and the prizes he was rewarded.

At the Theatre festivals in Mexico and  Sweden the Zestafoni Theatre performed “Me, Grandma, Iliko and Ilarioni” by Nodar Dumbadze. About the play Swedish newspaper was writing: it is the best play we have seen at the festival. Devotion of traditions, beautiful music, plastic scripts and the mimicry of actors rub out the barrier of language and makes everything clear.

The Zestafoni Theatre twice was at the international festival in Armenia and twice was rewarded with the first degree prize. During the second guest performance (in 2010) was rewarded with seven prizes in a different variety and with the golden medal. 

In 2013 year the Zestafoni State Theatre was renewal as the professional State Drama Theatre.

There are 12 actors in our theatrical group.

In our repertoire we have both modern and classical production.

Directors have collaborated with the theater over the years: Dodo Antadze, Mikheil Vashadze, Anzor Kutateladze, Leri Paksashvili, Valeri Gorgoshadze, Guliko Butkhuzi, Zaza Tsakadze (artistic director of the theater in 1996-98), Kakha Kapanadze, Mamuka Temsurtzupshvili , Badri Tserediani, Lasha Lomjaria, Mamuka Tkemaladze, Khatuna Milorava, Soso Nemsadze, Giorgi Abkhazava, Nino Lipartiani, Lasha Sherozia, Khatuna Bedeladze,Elene Matskhonashvili, Alexsandre Eloshvili.


Contact Information: 

Artistic Director of Theatre - Vakhtang  (Vato) Jugheli

Vakhtang Jugheli /593161731

Thea Maghlakelidze/599170401

Contact Information (Tel, Fax, E-mail, Web site)


Tel: (+ 995)  599170401 Tea MaglakeliZe
Tel: (+ 995)  59316173 Vato Jugeli
Facebook: Zestafoni State Drama Thaetare




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