Enigma Variations

  • Director: Temur Chkheidze
  • Theatre:Kote Marjanishvili State Drama Theatre
  • Hosting Theatre:Kote Marjanishvili State Professional Drama Theater (Big Stage)
  • Date:
    • 2 October - 20:00 hr,

Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt

Translation: Lili Popkhadze


Directed by Temur Chkheidze

Scenography: Levan Tsuladze

Music designer: Zurab Gagloshvili

Video installation: Davit Dvalishvili

Assistant director: Nino Kalandadze



Abel Znorko – Gia Burjanadze

Erik Larsen – Aleko Makharoblishvili



About the performance:

 “I’m an optimist in love with life and people’, claims Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt, the French philosopher, writer, playwright, script-writer and director. His fans believe that his books heal people, while the author insists that the love for mankind is the reason for his compassion. More than often Schmitt’s characters are historical figures, protagonists from literature and Bible. At a glance, much has been said and written about them, but Schmitt succeeds in revealing more secrets about them and explaining their actions, and offers his own answers to the posed questions.


The play Enigma Variations is about love that is victorious over Eternity, the love that does not depend on geography or the number of chromosomes. There are only two characters: the plot is as enigmatic and changeable as a mountain river, while love and philosophy are alternately earthly and heavenly...

The main idea of the complex play is that we are unable to fully understand another person, even if we are extremely close to each other. The soul of someone else is like an enigmatic variation, the melody of which we occasionally hear, but then lose it in the surrounding noise or in the harmony of different tunes.  


DATE OF PREMIERE: April 24, 2021

The great Georgian stage director and reformer, Kote Marjanishvili founded the second state theatre back in 1928. Ever since the theatre has carried on the traditions set by the founder and has earned the status of a “social theatre” by marrying the tradition with novelty and never failing to keep up the quality of its productions. Not only does Marjanishvili Theatre maintain the leading position in the contemporary Georgian cultural scene but it also comes to assume the role of a social educator and commentator.

The outstanding Gergian director Levan Tsuladze has held the post of the artistic director of the theatre since 2006 putting together a wonderful team of actors, directors, painters and composers who try to meet contemporary technological challenges and find new avenues through experimentation.

The theatre annually premiers from 7 to 10 plays and has got 30 productions included in its repertoire staged by directors across all  age groups. The plays range from national to world classics with a special emphasis on contemporary authors and texts. This could explain the prevalence of young audience among its 50 000 viewers per season.

The theatre transcends its primary role and enjoys a profile of a diverse and vibrant social institution which promotes various art projects and brings together contemporary Georgian poets and writers. It hosts literary and educational projects, exhibitions, play readings by young dramatists and other cultural events.

Marjanishvili theatre tours extensively throughout the world and participates in major festivals. The theatre is involved in co-productions with its counterparts in Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Greece, Poland, Azerbaijan, Macedonia and Ukrain.

After the Marjanishvili theatre performance in Globe Theatre The Guardian’s Kate Kellaway wrote:

“If all the theatre in Georgia comes anywhere close to the standard of the Marjanishvili company, then the job of theatre critic there must be the most covetable in the land”

Contact information:
Theater art director: Levan Tsuladze
Manager: Ekaterina Mazmishvili
Tel: (+995) 577516850
E-mail: eka@tbilisiinternational.com


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