Alfred and Violet

  • Director: Leo Gabriadze
  • Theatre:Gabriadze Theatre
  • Hosting Theatre:Gabriadze Theatre
  • Date:
    • 2 October - 19:00 hr,

Rezo Gabriadze


Director - Leo Gabriadze
Scenography by Leo Gabriadze
Costumes Designer - Rezo Gabriadze
Composer / musical adaptation  - Leo Gabriadze



Violetta - Nato Kakhidze

Alfred - Vano Dugladze

Germont -  Erosi Manjgaladze

Nevermore - Ramaz Chkhikvadze

Narrator - Otar Baghaturia

Cuckoo - Grigol Zhordania

Benedictus - Teimuraz Tsiklauri

Tututsa - Davit Gotsiridze

Hard-as-nails - Nikoloz Kvantaliani 

Hundred-Percent - Apolon Kublashvili 

Hammer - Nikoloz Katsaridze

Arabian - Rusudan Bolkvadze

Sergo the locomotive - Sergey Garmash

A vendor from Tbilisi flea market - Aleko Begalishvili

A bird from Tbilisi flea market - Nino Arsenishvili

Watermelon Seller - Davit Dvalishvili 

Monkey -  Nanuka Khuskivadze


Tamar Amirajibi

Niko Gelovani

Badri Gvazava

Irakli Sharashidze

Ana Nizharadze

Tamar Kobakhidze


About Performance:

The year 2021 marks the 40 th anniversary of the Gabriadze Marionette  Theatre.

This year turned out to be extremely dramatic for the theatre, as its foun er, Rezo Gabriadze, sadly passed away. Rezo Gabriadze was a painter, sculptor, theatre and film director, playwright and writer, whose creative energy formed this theatre and turned medieval marionette art into an indispensable part of Georgian culture.

The history of Rezo Gabriadze Marionette Theatre began in 1981 with the play “Alfred and Violetta,” where the eternal love story, well-known as a result of the novel by Alexandre Dumas fils “La Dame aux Camélias (The Lady of the 

Cmellias)” and the opera by Giuseppe Verdi “La Traviata,” was given a co 

pletely new artistic life by Rezo Gabriadze. 

After a long interval, the play is returning to the stage, but in a completely new form. 

During the year before his death, Rezo Gabriadze almost completely rewrote and renewed the play, adding various new circumstances and characters. He also created sketches of characters and stage decorations, which were used as the basis for the scenography of the renewed play. The initial plan was finalized by the present artistic director of the theatre, Leo Gabriadze, who is the director of this new performance. 

The play is set in Tbilisi’s Mtatsminda District, as well as in Milan, Khashuri, Rome, Abastumani, Venice and Di homi. 

This time, the story of Alfred and Violetta takes place during the dramatic events that occurred in Tbilisi in the 1990s, and their love will have to ove come numerous obstacles … 

In the renewed play, you will still hear the voices of R maz Chkhikvadze and Erosi Manjgaladze, who continue to live in our theatre. 

It is a special honor for us that the soundtrack was recorded with the particip tion of Anzor Erkomaishvili, who managed to couple Verdi’s brilliant music and Georgian folklor


Date of the premiere - December 4, 2021
Duration: 75 minute



“Gabriadze is a master of theatrical style, in which humor is mixed with heart-breaking pain. With animated figures that live and feel, he creates the unique world full of mystery” 


The original Georgian marionettes from Gabriadze’s Theatre continue the success of the director Peter Brook, in the carnival of Goldoni’s theatre’s international program “Landscape season without borders”


In addition to the sophisticated irony of the text, and the creative aesthetics of the scenes and characters, the performance is remarkable with various merits …it displays the full range of human feelings with marionettes’ art. 


”Rezo Gabriadze is a Genius, a Poet and a Fantastic Creator…“

HYSTRIO, Milan, 1/2022


The   soul   of   Gabriadze   Theatre   is   in   the   vision   of   its   founder,   Rezo Gabriadze, world-famous georgian screenwriter, director, painter and puppeteer.

Founded in 1981, this small, 80-seat theatre ranks among of the world’s preeminent cultural institutions. Presenting mature puppet performances full of depth and meaning, it has gained the respect and recognition of international audiences and critics alike.

At   Gabriadze   Theatre   the   following   performances   have   been   staged: “Alfred and Violette” (1981), “Diamond of marshal de Fantie” (1982), “The Autumn   of   my   Springtime”   (1985),   “The   Daughter   of   the   Emperor   of Trebizond” (1989), “Stalingrad” (1998), “Ramona” (2013).

The   Gabriadze   Theatre company   has   toured   extensively,   with   venues including:   N.Y.’s   Lincoln   Center   festival;   the   Avignon   Festival,   Spoleto

Festival,   The   Edinburgh   Festival;   Bogota   Theater   Festival;   San   Sebastian Festival,   Spain;   Toronto   World   State   Festival;   Barbican   Center,   London;

Theater de la Ville, Paris; Kennedy Center Festival, Washington, D.C., etc.

Rezo   Gabriadze,   who   is   often   referred   to   as   “a   Georgian   national treasure”, passed away in 2021, but his influence on the culture has been lasting and   profound.   His   works   continue   to   leave   indelible   impact   on   those   who experience   them.   Since   2012   Gabriadze   Theatre   has   been   under   the   artistic direction of  Leo Gabriadze.


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